Greendale Basketball Season Comes to an End


Victor Cruz, Staff Writer

The Greendale boys basketball season has come to an end, and it concluded with an impressive record of 13-11 in the regular season. They play in a very tough Woodland West conference. with the two-time back to back state champions in Pewaukee, as well as Wisconsin Lutheran, Pius. 

Despite playing in this tough conference, they managed to finish fourth in conference behind three of the top teams in D2. Some key players for the Panthers were seniors Grayson Sinks and Tommy Fritsch

Fritsch was the leading scorer on the team averaging 19.3ppg while Grayson averaged 6.7ppg, as the third leading scorer. But this wasn’t the most impressive thing Sinks did this season, as he broke the current record for most assists in a season for the Greendale Panthers. The other big contributor for the Panthers was sophomore Devin Isaj, who averaged 18.3ppg. These three players on Greendale have had a huge impact on the season, with Fritsch and Isaj making second team all conference and Sinks making Honorable Mention All Conference team. 

Isaj still has a 2 more years to play in Greendale basketball. He is making a hughe impact as a sophomore so far. With a couple more seasons ahead of him, he has some things to look forward too in the future. “One thing i’m looking forward to for next season are the home games. There a lot of fun to play them and I enjoy them a lot,” Isaj sai  d.

The season came to an end in March against Burlington in the second round of the playoffs with the score being 49-67. With this season now over, the players look back on this season and the good things that happened. While the seniors may never play GHS bball again, they leave many memorable moments. “I’ll miss our seniors because I looked up to them and they set really good goals for me as a freshman,” freshman Brandon Harper said.

Many people feel that one of the best places to play a game is at GHS. “The G is always one of the best places to play because of our fans. They’re always there to support our team play and make the experience great to play at,” Sinks said.

Fritsch is happy with how the season went. “I feel satisfied wit our performance beause we placed well in conference and I believe everyone put in their best effort throughout the season,” Fritsch said.

Sinks thinks about the good times he had playing for GHS`. “One thing I will miss about basketball is the great memories with my teammates and the locker room before games,” Sinks said.