The Celebration of the Leprechauns


AJ Randolph, Staff Writer

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday celebrated all over the country with many celebratory activities going on. The celebration began in 1762 in the United States where the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York City, and while many may not be aware, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. 

Here at Greendale High School many students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with many different traditions such as eating Irish food, and some students and even teachers participate in Irish dancing. 

“I am part Irish and I do Irish dancing. I am 3rd in the midwest and 30th in North America for dancing. When I was younger I would miss school to go dance for the community,” Social Studies teacher Lucy Siepler said. 

Others have traditions that they do with their family. 

“I am part Irish and we go to the parade every year in Milwaukee and watch the floats,” sophomore Kylee Swenski said. 

But other students just celebrate the holiday for fun and just do it with their friends.

“I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my friends and we always wear green,” junior Kiah Wilson said.

Another treat that many associate with St. Patrick’s Day is the famous McDonald’s drink, Shamrock Shake, that usually comes out at the end of February. 

“I get them all the time because they are good and minty,” Sophomore Sam Rodriguez said. 

Swenski loves them too. “I love mint stuff so I love to get a shamrock shake as soon as they come out,” she said.