Aaron Rodgers’ Time in Green Bay Likely Over


Ahmad Qasam, Staff Writer

Rumors had it this offseason that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was most likely retiring, however after Rodgers went into his “darkness retreat,” he has now decided that he wants to keep playing and woul be open to playing for the Jets.

Rodgers has been in Green Bay Packers for 17 years now and while the trade isn’t official yet, it has come out that it is basically official. Freshman Thomas Hanlon understands why Rodgers wants to be traded.I think Aaron Rodgers’s decision is justified because he’s given the Packers a great team for 20 years and the Packers haven’t offered much in return,” he said.

The Packers’ future is looking bright with a young quarterback, a strong defense, and a young, upcoming receiver. “I think Jordan Love is ready to step up because he’s been behind the greatest quarterback of all time for three, years,” Hanlon said

Freshman Jack Grunske also has lots of confidence in upcoming quarterback Jordan Love. “Jordan Love will be the best quarterback of all time,” Grusnke said.

The New York Jets signed Allen Lazard, an ex-Green Bay Packers receiver, to a 4-year, $44 million contract.

Rodgers’ history in Wisconsin will never be forgotten, but the real question is whether he will retire as a Packer. “Rodgers will retire as a Packers because he played for them so long,” Grunske said.