Champions League Gets Narrowed Down to Final Eight


Isaiah Ramirez and German Lechuga, Staff Writer

As the champions league continues, more and more teams are being eliminated. This champions league has shown that sometimes teams with the top players don’t win, teams like PSG, Liverpool, and BVB have all been eliminated  when everyone thought they would win the whole thing. 

Teams like Napoli and Benfica have done better than most of the other teams. Even without big star players, they are competing simply because they outwork their opponents.

This is coming down to the last few teams and they have little room for mistakes. Real Madrid are the reigning champions from last  year. “I want Real Madrid to win because they are a well rounded team and they have a lot of young brilliant talent,” sophomore Ilija Pupovac said.

Some teams made it further than ever expected and that proves that you don’t need the best players to win. “I never thought Benfica would even make it out of the group stage, it is good to see underdogs beating the top clubs,”  freshman Sean Libal said. 

        The favorite coming into the tournament was PSG but they were eliminated in The Round of 16 to Bayern Munich . The teams remaining include Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, A.C Milian, Inter Milan, Benfica, Bayern Munich, and Napoli.