“Footloose” Musical was a Hit

Footloose Musical was a Hit

Victor Cruz, Staff Writer


The Greendale theater group has recently wrapped up their musical Footloose. This play debuted on March 10, with the other performance dates on March 11, 12, 17,18. 

Lots of tickets were sold to this musical during all of these dates. Many people wanted to come support this theater group, or spend some valuable time with family.

This musical was based on the movie Footloose, where a teenager named Ren McCormak moves from Chicago to a small town where dancing and music are banned. He tries to make a change in this town for the better by overcoming this rule. 

When people  see a musical they want to be entertained by it and enjoy a good time. Many people who saw the play said it was a hit. “I thought the musical was very good and it was pretty funny as well,” junior Ashlee Fronek said.

While people may see the musical from the stands, they don’t see what work truly goes into a musical like this. The theatre group works very hard to try and put out a good performance for viewers to like. All their hard work has paid off because lots of people attended this event. 

“We worked very hard preparing for this musical. All the dancing and singing took a lot of work, but I’m glad to see that all the hard work paid off with a bunch of people viewing the play,” Abigail Hajewski said.

Freshman Charlie Sheridan attended the musical and liked it. “I thought the singing of the play was very good along with the story line,” Sheridan said. “This musical would make me want to see other musicals that they make because now I know that they are good musicals.”