Student Spotlight: Mason Trinkner


Ben Perleberg, Staff Writer

Whether he is starting at center for the Ice Force, or running in the halls to get to class, senior Mason Trinkner is a force to be reckoned with. Trinkner scored an important goal on senior night last of the Ice Force Hockey Team, which gives him the rights to this month’s Student Spotlight.

Now that the hockey season is over Trinkner wanted to reflect on some high notes during the season. “My favorite moment during this year’s season was beating Kenosha. It was an intense game that went into overtime,” he said. “The memories I made with my hockey friends will be remembered till the end of time.

Trinkner is planning to attend Whitewater where he will major in business. “I chose to go to Whitewater because I already know a handful of people there, and the parties are very lit,” he said. “I chose to major in business because that is where the money is at.”

When Trinkner isn’t practicing for hockey, he’s paying close attention to what’s being taught in film, which is his favorite class. Although he finds film to be the most interesting, his favorite teacher is Jennifer McCauley.

Trinkner has been playing sports as long as he can remember, but hockey stuck out to him. “I love skating around on a fresh slate of ice. Nothing beats a long day of school than a trip around the rink with the boys,” he said.

Trinkner has collected many great memories over his four years in high school, but he stated that his favorite memory was supporting his friends at the football games. He also loves all of the little memories he made in class, such as getting Reese kicked out of class when he was doing all of the talking.