Andrew Tate released from prison.


Kareem Azzam, Staff Writer

Last month, influencer Andrew Tate was released from prison after being accused of human trafficking and forming an organized crime group.

He was in prison for three months and some people thought he was innocent, like senior Aj Acevedo. “At first I didn’t think he was innocent because he keeps most of his business secret unless you’re in his hustler’s interview,” he said.

Sophomore Landon Lopez thought he was guilty.”I think he might have done something because he was in jail for a long time,” he said.

Tate is a millionaire who was a former professional kickboxer, appeared on the show, “Big Brother,” and has his own podcast and makes videos. While Tate was in jail the police confiscated some of his cars from his collection

Some fans, like freshman Brandon Harper, thought this was unfair. ”I don’t think that’s fair because when he got out he had to rebuild that collection that was worth millions of dollars,” he said.

Lopez agrees.  “I don’t think it was fair that they took his cars because that is something that he owns,” he said.

His next podcast isn’t going to be public; he’s going to start posting his videos and podcasts on his private online school only instead of to the public. Many feel that the podcast is going to be really popular and the most talked about and listened to podcast. 

I think it’s gonna be big because everyone wants to know what happened because he is Top G,” Acevedo said.