Students Enjoy Flex Day Advisory

Students Enjoy Flex Day Advisory

Gabriel Torres, Staff Writer

On March 15, the advisory period was Choice Flex Day, which was created by the Sources of Strength leaders. There were many different choices of activities such as painting, dodgeball, big base, card games, etc. that students could attend. They were able to pick up to three different choices in case they didn’t get their top choice. 

“I did watercoloring with Ms.Moore for Flex day. It wasn’t my first choice, but I still enjoyed it a lot,” junior Annamarie Murphy said. 

Students enjoyed having this Flex day because they were able to take a bit of a break during the school day and do something they enjoyed.

This break during the day could be very beneficial for students and it seems that many of the students want this to become a more regular choice for a Flex day.

“I would love to have a Choice Flex Day at least once a month because playing big base in the middle of a school day was a lot of fun,” junior Tyler Bolda said.

Sources of Strength decided to do this day to promote healthy activities for the students. The members enjoyed planning the day.

“There had to be at least one Sources of Strength member in each room so deciding where to go was easy because we all had a room to go to,” senior Sources of Strength member Ashley Turdo said. 

There was great feedback from students and one of the most popular activities was Karaoke. “There has been some talk about having another Choice Flex Day and I’m hoping we do have another one!” Turdo said. 

Teachers also enjoyed the break during the day as well. “I enjoyed painting rocks in my room, and so did all the students,” Helfenbien said.

She hopes to have another one also. “I would love to do another one of these days, and I would like to hold something outside since the weather is so nice.”