Freshman year is ending for the class of ‘ 26.


Ahmad Qasam, Staff Writer

The freshman year of high school can be exciting and intimidating for students. It is a transition period when students move from middle to high school, and the expectations and workload can be significantly higher.

The first year of high school can be crucial to a student’s academic and social development, setting the foundation for the rest of their high school experience.

Freshman Brayden Dolkiewicz didn’t find the transition difficult, “The transition from middle school was very exaggerated because the teachers made it seem a lot harder than it is. High school is also a new learning experience and helps build new friendships and meet new people,” he said.

Freshman Hayley Zahradnick said that it has been a learning experience, “High school has given me more experiences, and it’s helped me meet new people,” she said.

The freshman year comes with many new experiences, including new classmates, new teachers, and new academic challenges. Students are introduced to a broader range of subjects and coursework, which can be overwhelming.

”Freshman year work has a little bit more work but it’s nothing we can’t handle.”Freshman Tegan Czarnyzka said.

 “We have a lot more freedom in high school,” freshman Mya Taugher said. “We get to pick our classes and stuff that interests us, unlike middle school, where they basically chose all your classes for you, and I believe, high school has a lot less work.” 

One of their favorites is to experience their first homecoming. Football game and dance.

said, “Homecoming was super fun, and I had a lot of fun,” freshman Joslyn Durocher said. One thing they could improve is the heat; the heat was bad and everyone was sweating, but other than that, I had a fun time.” 

Some people worried that they would be bullied or messed with by upperclassmen, but that wasn’ the case.

 “I think that is just in movies because the upperclassmen here have been welcoming and really nice; no one has bullied me or my friends,” Durocher said,

 Adjusting to high school can take time, but with the right mindset and support, students can handle the transition. Freshman year is also a time for students to start considering their future goals and set themselves up for success in the years to come. Overall, freshman year is a critical year in the high school journey, and students should embrace the experience and seek help when needed.