Opinion: Tyler, The Creator’s new album


Anjalee Napierala, Staff Writer

Tyler, The Creator released a deluxe version of his album Call Me If You Get Lost (CMIYGL) on March 31  by adding eight new songs to the original album and naming the new release; Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale.

 Tyler is known to release one new album every two years, and for this to potentially be the only album Tyler fans will be receiving for the next two years somewhat scares me. Though many fans adore this new release, personally I think it’s almost disappointing.

The original CMIYGL was already an ‘okay,’ album in my opinion. I loved his 2019 release, “IGOR,” in which he switched his persona to this ‘Igor,’ character which represented how he processed a heartbreak through each song, in order. Tyler’s persona in CMIYGL was a rich man who is enjoying life, which didn’t feel as deep to me. (Though, I admired songs such as, “SAFARI,” and, “RISE!,” strongly.) In The Estate Sale he changed his persona again to a more humbling version of himself but only through his song, “SORRY NOT SORRY.”

“SORRY NOT SORRY,” showed Tyler’s transition from every past persona he has had to simply Tyler Okonma, his real name. I felt as if the deluxe version wasn’t as storytelling but simply a compilation of songs that didn’t fit into the story the way CMIYGL did. But, I felt like “SORRY NOT SORRY,” was the best song off this deluxe version, especially the music video in which he essentially was trying to get rid of his past personas which represented “Tyler, The Creator.”

The end of “Tyler, The Creator,” opens a new door for Tyler to basically be himself. He started his career in 2009 and he was known as this goofy person who also made music on the side. It took him eight years to release  “Flower Boy,” which showed how seriously he could take music. For Tyler to no longer want to be ‘The, Creator,’ in 2017 shows he didn’t see his true self, even when he was taken seriously. In all, Tyler Okonma represents a new start. I just feel like he could’ve ended his past in a better way.