Students excited for summer


Victor Cruz, Staff Writer

With only a few weeks until school ends, one thing students are now getting ready for are some exams and summer of 2023. Along with summer comes hot weather and more fun activities come with this new weather. Summer can be one of the most fun times for people with no more school.

Sophomore Addison Benning is looking forward to summer because she had a blast last summer. “I think last summer was the best summer of my life,” Benning said. “I think this summer will be even better because me and my friends can drive now.”

With high hopes in summer, other students, like sophomore Landon Lopez, are excited for other reason. “I’m excited to spend time with my friends and not worry about school anymore,” he said. 

Hot weather is especially great in summer. “I’m looking forward to being tan again, along with all of the pool parties and beach days,” Benning said.

Summer has some great events coming up that students really look forward to. Junior Lilly Pogorzelski is excited for some of these events. “I’m excited for some of the events like going to Summerfest and State Fair with my friends,” Pogorzelski said. “I went last year with my friends and it was a lot of fun.”

With the good things come the bad things as well. If you plan on doing some of the fun events, it may cost you some money. In order to get this money, many students work a lot. “I’m not looking forward to working this summer, as it may take away some free time,” Lopez said. “I babysit around 20 hours a week, so it’s not too bad, but I’m not looking forward to it.”

Seniors are now in the last summer of high school going into college. This is a big transition for some of the students. “I leave for college early in the summer. It cuts the summer short, but I’m excited to go to college and start my collegiate career in football,” senior Javon Murry said.

Freshmen are excited that they wont be the youngest in the school next year. “I’m excited to not be freshman anymore, but I’ll miss the seniors when they leave,” freshman Charlie Sheridan said. “I’m going to have a lot of fun this summer though with my friends. I’m hoping to go out a lot and mainly golf.”

Junior Matthew Hernandez is also excited for summer and all the activities that come with it. “I’m excited to throw a summer bash once every month. There’s always food and drink along with activities  that always give me something to look forward to,” he said.