Students attend DECA national competition

Students attend DECA national competition

Gabe Torres, Staff Writer

Three GHS students competed at the DECA national competition in Orlando in April. Senior EJ Kuster and juniors Irina Ho and Megha Muralidharan enjoyed the trip. 

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an association of marketing students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions. Students worldwide compete in these competitions and some students from Greendale were able to compete in the national competition this year. 

“In DECA, we do community service projects, and leadership activities, and provide students with tremendous opportunities to learn about these careers.  As an association, we have connections with schools from across the state and the world,” DECA advisor Andy Muszytowski said. 

It was a very good opportunity for them to improve their leadership skills and learn about becoming an entrepreneur in the future. “The experience was eye-opening and a good experience. It taught me some real-world skills in traveling and time management,” Kuster said.  

At the national competition, many students were there from all over the country so the Greendale students were able to meet many new people. “Over 22,000 high school students from across the globe are competing to win…is easily the most beneficial aspect of the conference.  Being able to meet others with similar interests, network with others, attend seminars and workshops and compete with your knowledge and skills can be a tremendous emotional lift and challenge,” Muszytowski said. 

Each person there was able to represent their own state and was given a pin with their state name on it. They were able to trade with anyone else if they wanted to represent another state. 

The students in DECA highly recommend other students to join. “It helps kids who may not know what they want to do in either the business sector or in college get real-life experience in dealing with time management and true projects that they will encounter,” Kuster said. 

DECA has been around for 70 years in the US and in Wisconsin since 1965, and as of now, there are around 12,000 members that are in DECA from Wisconsin.