Wish Week wraps up with all smiles!


Alex Klaus, Staff Writer

Last month GHS Student Council hosted a Wish Week to raise money for Miles, a 10-year old from Greendale, who is a Wish kid living with Hodgkin’s lymphoma who wants to get an above ground pool. The school and Greendale community raised over $9000 and because of this teachers at GHS had to do “punishments.”

 The “punishments” consisted of social studies teacher Lucy Siepler dying her hair purple, science teacher Zach Geiger shaving his mustache, the three guidance counselors jumping in the pool, English teacher Alli Brimmer getting taped to the wall, A.P Mark Pollex, Dean of Students Emily Hanson and officer Marcus Hudson getting pied in the face, and lastly Principal Steve Lodes will be getting a Panther tattoo. 

Vice president of Student Council junior Caiya Fuentes helped to set this week up. “We had to find teachers that would agree to all the milestone rewards we wanted but also had to have a meeting to decide what spirit days we should have based on what Miles liked to do,” she said.

Student Council advisor Amy Nuzzarello set this whole week up after getting the idea from her old school where she used to work. “I used to work in Colorado and all of the schools in the area did Wish Weeks! I participated in two while out there and I absolutely loved it. So, when the Student Council began brainstorming things to do for the winter/spring, a Wish Week immediately came to mind,” she said. 

After doing this for the first time here at GHS she would love for it to become an annual event, “We got so lucky that our Wish Kid lived in Greendale, but in future years they may be in the greater Milwaukee area,” she said. “Either way, I do hope it becomes a tradition with even more money raised and even more staff bets. Not only did we raise money for a great cause, but I think and hope that our entire community felt connected as we reached this goal together!” 

During Wish Week Advisory classes throughout the school were in a competition to see which class could donate the most money. The winning Advisory from each grade got a pancake party because pancakes are Miles’ favorite food. 

The winning freshman advisory was Kate Hulett’s and they raised $168.45, sophomore advisory Amy Vida’s class raised $51.57, Natalie Cook’s junior advisory raised $175.47, and the winning senior advisory was Sarah Holland’s and they raised $85.

 “To get the students to donate I offered to match the amount that the students brought. I reminded them every ACP meeting. Also I accepted Venmo since that was one way one of my students could donate,” Cook said.