Musical groups delight audience at Pops Concert


Katarina Zrnic, Editor-in-Chief

Last month orchestra, band, plus choir students performed at the Pops Concert, which takes place once a year and introduces elements of the Greendale philharmonic orchestra, choir, and jazz band. 

Combining more classical, pop, and concert music all in one event, this concert is a good way to support Greendale’s musically involved students and enjoy live music. “The Pops concert is special because the audience can have a more connected experience. They are seated much closer to the orchestra when we actually play, as it takes place in the lunchroom instead of the auditorium,” junior Esabella Kreitlow said.

One element of this concert is the philharmonic orchestra, which differs from the regular orchestra because it’s an audition orchestra that plays more difficult music. “It was special to me given that I was in multiple groups so there was some instrument switching and honestly it’s not like any concert I’ve done before,” junior Lucas Labeau said

The Greendale choir performances consisted of Bel Canto, Concert Chorale, Men’s Choir, and G-harmony, singing a mix of pop and classical music. “I sang ‘Since you’ve been gone’ and ‘Go easy on me’ ,” junior Lauren Mabbott said, “Since you’ve been gone was my favorite because it was acapella so it was equally challenging and was a fun song to sing with my choir friends.”

 One member of the Concert Chorale and G-Harmony had some other good words to say about their performance. “In G-Harmony we performed ‘I need your Love’ and ‘Dynamite’. I personally really enjoyed singing ‘Dynamite’ because it was a song I grew up listening to and the tenors had some really cool harmonies in the song,” senior Tony Galusha said.

Lastly the jazz band performs a different set of songs every year, highlighting solos and unique musical qualities. “I think that the jazz band is such a special part of the Pops concert because it’s very different from the other groups who perform, and our normal band isn’t very good so it kind of makes up for that,” senior Owen Bender said. 

The Pops concert was overall a success and many student’s can’t wait for next year’s concert!