NBA star Ja Morant suspended for Instagram Live


Alex Klaus, Staff Writer

NBA superstar Ja Morant was found flashing a handgun while at a club live on Instagram on March 4 and has been suspended by the NBA. 

Before this whole incident with Morant flashing the gun on IG live another incident resurfaced on the internet involving a 17-year-old boy where he was accused of punching and then flashing a gun at him last summer. The prosecutors denied filing any charges against Morant for this incident and he was not guilty. 

Now Morant has found himself in a predicament involving a gun and instagram live. Morant was in a club in the early morning of March 4. If you were to tune into this live stream you could see him shirtless rapping to music and then bringing a gun into the stream and then putting it away. 

After Morant flashed the gun he came out with a statement taking full responsibility and said he’s going to take some time away to get help. He then later went into a rehab center and after being in there a short time he left on his own.  After the NBA got news about what Morant did they suspended him eight games without pay.

Some may feel that Morant only getting an eight-day suspension without pay may be a little bit of a soft punishment. He could have gotten harsher punishment like jail time or a fine. 

Junior Jackson Braley thinks the punishment is fair. He was just in a club with a gun. I mean you probably should serve a suspension for the gun, but that is it. Maybe if more about his fight with a minor comes out then maybe he should get a worse punishment,” he said.

After thousands have seen and heard about this situation many aren’t too proud of what he did. Senior Grayson Sinks thinks that what he did was wrong. “I don’t feel that he needed to show a gun on video. It was something that you should never do, especially if kids look up to you and dream to be somewhere where he is today, in the NBA,” he said. 

Morant’s first game back was against the Houston Rockets on March 22. He got a standing ovation from all the fans and had 17 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds and the Grizzlies won by 5 points.