Tank Davis beat Ryan Garcia

Kareem Azzam, Staff Writer

On April 22,2023 Tank Davis fought Ryan Garcia in a long anticipated boxing match. Tank beat Garcia when Garcia took a knee after taking a strong liver shot. 

Senior AJ Acevedo was surprised that Davis won. “I thought Garcia was going to win because of his height, speed, and reach. But I wanted Davis to win because I like Davis better,” Acevedo said.”Garcia was getting over-aggressive and wasting his energy too early.” 

Junior Mathew Hernandez expected Davis to win. “I thought and wanted Tank Davis to win because I had placed a bet on him winning,” he said.“I wasn’t surprised that he won, but I was surprised how he won and that Garcia took a knee.”

Some fans, like Acevedo, thought that the fight could’ve been rigged from the beginning. ”I think the fight was kinda rigged because of the hydration clause where Garcia couldn’t eat or drink anything after the weigh in,” he said. 

Hernandez disagrees. ”I don’t think the fight was rigged because he took a really hard liver shot and Tank is simply a stronger fighter,” he said.

The fight was also very exciting to watch, with over 1.3 million people viewing the match. There have also been rumors that there will be a rematch in the near future between the two amazing boxers. There was also a mole on Garcia’s inner circle that was feeding Tank Davis information about his plans on how to win.