Outer Banks 3 continues to be a fun adventure for audiences


Ellie Myers, Editor-in-Chief

Season 3 of Outer Banks was released February 26 and was very exciting to watch. The series as they started it only a month after the ending of season 2. Overall it was a great season. I thought that the season did a really fantastic job showing the friendship dynamic that these characters have with each other, and I loved how they continued to present these characters with so much loyalty to each other and developed how strong their friendship is with each other, moreso with their actual family. 

But I did miss the carefree attitudes that they had in season 2, and especially season 1, where they would take time to hang out and enjoy themselves, rather than solely focusing on finding the gold.

The one relationship they hinted at throughout the season of Kiara and JJ. It was great because they have so much chemistry between them over the past two seasons. The look on JJ’s face after they saved Kiara clearly indicated how much he is in love with her.

 I thought their first kiss played out so well, especially with all the teen girls cheering for them was hilarious and made the scene even more exciting. But on the downside I thought that they should have given JJ and Kiara more time to develop their relationship. I also really enjoyed the scenes we got with Pope and Cleo having many heartfelt scenes together throughout the season that made them come together perfectly. I thought they both should have had more scenes together if they were going to get together this season.

One of my favorite episodes was episode 2 when they introduced the newest villain to the show, Carlos Singh, and touched on Rafe’s issues throughout the episode as he confides in Kiara. I definitely think that Rafe is evolving and I think that there is some potential for him now to repair his relationship with his sister Sarah.

Finally we see John B. and his father’s adventure! I thought they played that out perfectly and it gave John B. so much instant relief to finally see his father again. But as the show progressed I thought less and less of John B.’s father, also he encouraged him to steal, amd kill. I thought that his father turned out to be even worse of a father than Ward and was more of a selfish friend.

I also disliked how much lack of trust he had in his son’s judgment with not only his friends but Sarah. Despite John B. explaining how much she has been there for him and his friends and the relationship between her and Ward he still continued to view her as her father and blatantly insult her despite not knowing her.

On the topic of John B. and Sarah, I thought their relationship throughout the season was played out pretty well. I didn’t understand though why Sarah thought that after she and John B. had a fight that it was alright to go off with her ex boyfriend and cheat on him with Topper. 

She also was upset with him that he told her they were done, but what other response was she expecting? I don’t think that John B. should have kept hitting Topper after he was down, and Sarah should have clarified that she was only kissing rather than saying ‘hooked up’ which could mean so much more.

Overall I’d say I enjoyed the season but for season 4 I hope they take more time to develop the Pogues’ relationships with each other and that it’s more like season 1.