Audiences love Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


AJ Randolph, Staff Writer

Marvel fans rushed to theaters to see the new movie Wakanda Forever, which is a sequel to the original Marvel movie The Black Panther

The movie is about the grief over the death of King T’Challa, also most commonly known as Black Panther, and how the people of Wakanda and Shuri, Black Panther’s sister, protect Wakanda now that the Black Panther is gone. 

In the original film Shuri was Black Panther’s sister and she would help create Black Panther’s suit and all the features to it because she is really good at science.  The people of Wakanda also have to face a new tribe that emerges from undersea that gives them problems because both have vibranium and the Wakandans thought they were the only ones with Vibranium. 

In the first movie Black Panther was about how King T’Challa had to fight for his king spot and he gets challenged by Killmonger, played by Micheal B. Jordan. Later they end up fighting for the spot to find out who will rule over Wakanda.  

Junior Evan Pulda loved the first movie and doesn’t feel as if the new movie will feel right without Bosman, “ The movie might feel forced or out of place. The best part of the original movie was the soundtrack,” he said.

Many people wondered what the filmmakers were going to do because of the passing of Chadwick Bosman who played Black Panthers. This was a very traumatic and very unexpected event and the producers came up with the brilliant idea of using Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, as the new main character. 

Junior Maja Mastilovic has seen the new movie and really liked it. “It was a good movie and the second one is way better than the first movie. The characters were better and the villain was interesting knowing the background and story,” Mastilovic said. 

Junior Mallory Fritz also saw the movie and it exceeded her expectations. “I loved this movie. It was just as action packed as the first Black Panther movie, but this one was also a bit more sad knowing that Chadwick Bosman passed.