Future uncertain for Fantastic Beasts franchise


Ellie Myers, Editor-in-Chief

Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore is the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts films and it was released Friday April 15, 2022.

Within the first weekend it brought in $43 million in domestic earnings, which was the lowest amount out of the entire Harry Potter franchise, with Crimes of Grindelwald bringing in $62 million, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them making a total of $74 million the first weekend in box office. But there may be hope for the franchise, as it made $150 million internationally for a fourth and fifth film.

Not only could the pandemic be the cause of the film’s lack of profit but also the audience’s opinions of Credence being a part of the Dumbledore bloodline, a surprising twist in the second film that was not received well by the audience and some critics. Many also were not happy with the lack of focus Newt had with the audience in the second and ongoing third film. 

“What drew me to the series was Newt Scamander. I loved the books and I was excited to see the movies!” freshman Eva Marquez said. “My favorite scene was when Newt breaks Theseus out of the Erkstag prison, which made me laugh a lot. I love the brotherly love the two actors share, it’s really special!”

Some students still havent seen it but are still excited to go. “With AP exams coming up I haven’t had time to go see it yet but hopefully during the days I don’t have exams I’ll be able to see it with a friend!” junior Elle Pierzchalski said.

Another controversy surrounding the film currently has been the recasting of Grindelwald, as Johnny Depp was replaced by Mad Mikkelsen, over domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-wife Amber Heard. 

“I’m not going to see the new Harry Potter movie because they replaced Johnny Depp as the character Grindelwald. He got fired because of the op-Ed put out by his ex wife Amber Heard who claimed he was abusing her when really it was the opposite way around,” junior Elianna Kiltz said. “When it got out that she was actually the abuser, Disney apologized for firing him, but never rehired him. I think it’s ridiculous and I will not be giving them money that should be going to Mr. Depp.”

Marquez also misses Depp, “It is missing a lot of Johnny Depp’s touch. It’s a real shame for him not to be in this installment. But it didn’t bring down the entire movie. I just wish he was in it. But Mad Mikkelsen had good connections and sense but it still felt off,” Marquez stated.

Even staff members enjoyed the movie. “I really enjoyed the movie. My wife and I have seen the others and this one ties together some of the issues unknown to us before. It was a good movie! I have a better understanding of who Dumbledore was and his relationships from the past that shaped him into the person he became in the original Harry Potter Movies,” stated business teacher Andrew Muszytowski. “I thought Mad Mikkelsen as the new Grindelwald was awesome and totally believable, this film was better than the first two as it brought more depth to the characters and gave more answers to the overall storyline.”

The Fantastic Beasts series is meant to be a five movie franchise following these characters until the defeat of Grindelwald. David Yates, the director of the Fantastic Beasts Films and J.K Rowling promised great things from the last two films, but many critics are debating if Warner Bros will continue with production of the final two films due to money and controversy. Yet only time can tell in the theaters these upcoming months of the future plans for Fantastic Beasts.

“If there is a fourth film, heck yeah I will see it! I love this series and I love all the other movies. Being a fan since I was born, I can’t say I would miss one. I believe part of me doesn’t care who plays who and who doesn’t because the story is still the same,” Marquez stated.