New Warzone 2 is a hit


Jonah Plitt, Staff Writer

Warzone is one of the most popular battle royal video games, and the second Warzone just came out recently.  This is a PVP-based g battle royal game with guns and weapons that players can use to kill other players.  The last player, or team, to survive wins the game. 

According to players, the new Warzone is so much more realistic than the first Warzone because the loot and the weapons are on actual shelves, the money is in the actual cash register, and the cars need gas. 

Warzone 2 dropped and many gamers got the game as soon as possible.  Playing with friends makes it so much more fun, and also can make the game easier.  “Warzone 2 is an absolutely astonishing game.  The game is too easy especially when you are playing with GRU, Dr.Nefario and Vector,”  senior Cason Wilson said. 

There are so many people who are playing this new Warzone. But with so many changes in the game, some players don’t even know how to play yet.  “Play multiplayer before running in Warzone to get guns upgraded and change settings,”  senior Grayson Sinks said.  changing settings and upgrading your guns can really make your gameplay so much better, and find the best settings you have to look it up on tiktok or youtube.

 One of the special features in the new game is called proximity chat that no other game has.  Fans think this feature is one of the coolest features. “The proximity chat makes the game more realistic. It allows players to talk to other people who are near you, which allows you to know that other players are nearby,” junior Jacob Sellhausen said. 

Most players think that the new Warzone 2 is way better than the last Warzone.  Most players love the new features of the game, like proximity chat.  The new settings and the guns are so much better, and the details of the game has made it so much better.