Senior Spotlight: Miguel Smith

Miguel Smith is a senior at Greendale High and plans to go to Bradley after he graduates.


Matt Dymond, Staff Writer

Every year, the individuals in the senior class each have their own special experience or memory at Greendale that has made up a big part of who they are today.  The amount of personality and character that the class of 2021 has is no different.  Each kid has his or her own story of how they got to where they are now, and what they plan to do with the rest of their lives. 

However, there is one special person in the Greendale High School class of 2021 that has come far in his life and has achieved and mastered a lot of things throughout his journey in the Greendale School District, and that is Miguel Smith.

Smith is a bright face, and whenever he’s seen in school he’s usually with his friends or working out in the 212 room.  He participates in a few sports, intramural basketball and football.  Last year, Smith’s intramural basketball team “The Durags” were one of the top teams in the league, with.  Smith led the team in scoring.  

On the football field, he is known to be one of the most physically active and hardworking players on the team.  He is known to the team to be a great leader and a respectful person when it comes to building relationships and holding teammates to be responsible and ensure that everyone is working their hardest.  

Sophomore Josh Borgen, has a close relationship with Smith and  shares compliments of him. “Miguel is really an all around decent guy.  He’s always been positive when it comes to game time and he’s always been focused on what matters most and that is the bonds you build with your teammates which in the long run creates the ultimate team,” Borgen said.

Smith’s experience on the football field has led him to become a very determined and hardworking individual, not just during the sport, but off the field as well.  Smith is an avid user of the weightroom in GHS, going there 4-5 times a week to strengthen and condition himself to his highest potential.  He has never missed a day of 212 in his entire life.  And his muscles show his work and dedication.  “Yeah on a typical day I’m always doing something to better myself physically.  Usually it’s a cold shower in the morning along with a run and then working out at 212.  I also try to keep my diet to a higher amount of protein since I’m trying to be as buff as I can before going into the football season,” Smith said.

Smith is truly known to be a well rounded person, both mentally and physically.  His hardworking capabilities are going to bring him far in life.   Smith is like a diamond in the rough, one of those people that will respond to anything thrown at them and make something positive out of it.  “Honestly, it’s not that hard when you have the mindset but it’s hard for some to achieve that hard working mindset when you’ve been handed things your whole life and been treated like a baby,” he said.  “It’s all about making good habits and sticking to them because over time those good habits will really change your life for the better.  Stay in school and don’t do drugs.”

It’s all about mindset.  You can also learn from the best himself.  Smith’s personality as a leader has greatly enhanced the high school experience for all of the staff and students.